yugas and colours

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Sat Oct 31 19:13:06 UTC 2009

It is found in the Vi.s.nudharma (edition R. Gruenendahl):
104.27 ("sukla), 104.35 (rakta), 104.38 (piita), 104.45 (k.r.s.na)

Peter Bisschop

Quoting Dominic Goodall <dominic.goodall at GMAIL.COM>:

> Dear all,
> Can anybody tell me whether the notion that Vi.s.nu changes colour in
> each yuga predates the Bhaagavatapuraa.na?
> BhP_10.08.013/1 aasan var.naas trayo hy asya g.rh.nato 'nuyuga.m tanuu.h
> BhP_10.08.013/3 "suklo raktas tathaa piita idaanii.m k.r.s.nataa.m gata.h
> I find it in a few passages excluded from the critical text of the
> Mahaabhaarata, e.g.
> 13*0002_01 ya.h "svetatvam upaagata.h k.rtayuge tretaayuge raktataa.m
> 13*0002_02 yugme ya.h kapila.h kalau sa bhagavaan k.r.s.natvam abhyaagata.h
> Does anybody know of any demonstrably early references?
> Dominic Goodall

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