NAgArjuna on polysemy

Roy Tsohar rt2036 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Sat Oct 17 16:42:17 UTC 2009

Dear list members,

I am currently working on some of Asanga's arguments in the
vinizcayasaMgrahaNI, in which he uses polysemy to counter the notion
of an invariable word-referent relation. Similar arguments appear in
various textual sources, Buddhist as well as non Buddhist (for
instance the NyAyasUtra and bhASya 2.1.56, etc).
I recall reading of a similar argument made by NAgArjuna, possibly in
an article of Johannes Bronkhorst citing Lindetner, but I could not
find it. I would be grateful if anyone has a clue as to where this
appears in NagArjuna or in which article it is cited.
Many thanks,

Roy Tzohar
Columbia University
Tel Aviv University

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