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Stefan Baums baums at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
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PS. Realizing that you wrote in reply to Frederick Smith’s query:
Индоарийские языки is not a textbook, but a succinct and useful
overview of OIA and MIA; and the memorial volume is a collection
of articles mostly on Vedic, but there are also some MIA and NIA
contributions. Speaking of Tat’iana Elizarenkova, a more in‐depth
treatment is Язык пали (1965):


also available in English as The Pāli Language (1976):


but at this point a combination of the previously mentioned works
by Geiger, von Hinüber and Oberlies would seem to be the best
combo for Pali (plus the introductions by Warder or Collins if a
textbook approach is needed). And of course Pali is a good entry
point to MIA in general (with Aśokan inscriptions, Ardhamāgadhī
and the literary Prakrits as possible next steps).

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