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Stella Sandahl ssandahl at SYMPATICO.CA
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Dear all,
I received this from Dr. Benz, one of my students. I cannot recall  
having seen these books mentioned on the list. If so, please  
disregard this.
Stella Sandahl

> Subject: RE: Middle Indic textbook and cheese
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> 2009-06-17
> Firstly, Elizarenkova’s book:
> Elizarenkova, Tatyana Ya.  Елизаренкова, Т.Я.   
> Индоарийские языки древнего и  
> среднего периодов. Серия:  языки  
> мира.  Академия, Москва, 2004.
> (Indoaryan languages of the ancient and middle periods.  Series:   
> Languages of the world.  Akademia, Moscow, 2004.)
> The book is small, a mere 154 pages.  But it is dense with info  
> (rivalling “the Stenzler”) since the author had to squeeze  
> everything into the format prescribed by the editors of the  
> series.  Oh, sorry, and it’s in Russian.
> The memorial volume:
> Kulikov, L and M. Rusanov (eds.)  Indologica 20.  T.Ya.Elizarenkova  
> Memorial Volume.  Moscow, 2008.
> This volume is a collection of articles by experts in vedic  
> sanskrit.  About half the articles are in Russian, a third in  
> English and the rest in “difficile à apprécier” German.

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