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Kenneth Zysk zysk at HUM.KU.DK
Sun Jun 7 14:35:42 UTC 2009

Dear List,

This verse comes from the Gargasaṃhitā, Puruṣalakṣaṇa-chapter, which unfortunately only occurs in mss., with occasional verses found in Utpala‘s commentary to the Br̥hatsaṃhitā (U) and in the Viramitrodaya (Vm). The verse lists the six kinds of fools. Perhaps they are found elsewhere in Sanskrit literature. If so, please let me know where.

Here is what I have from 5 mss. 

dr̥dhamūrkhaḥ śrutaḥ kuṃbhasakr̥tomabhicāraḥ/

ekavidyo nirākarttā ṣaḍ ete mūrkhajātayaḥ// 

dr̥dha-] P dr̥dhaḥ. -sakr̥tomabhicāraḥ] B,V1 -sakr̥tobhabhicāraḥ.

These six [men] are fools by birth: he who is wholly stupid, …, the magician, he who knows only one thing, and the despiser (of tradition).

Comment: The verse is wanting in U and Vm. Mss. are corrupt in a and b, where a syllable is missing.

Thank for any help.

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