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Ashok Aklujkar ashok.aklujkar at UBC.CA
Sun Jun 7 19:35:37 UTC 2009

Dear Ken,

Purely on the basis of instinct, I am tempted to reconstruct the first line
of the verse as follows:

dr̥dha-mūrkhas sravat-kuṃbhas sakr̥t-karmåbhicārakaḥ/

An incorrigible/steadfast fool, one who is like a dripping pitcher (who
retains nothing), one who acts at once (who acts rashly), one who engages in
black magic

In the second line, 'one who rejects (tradition or good advice/views)'
should probably suffice, unless the context justifies 'despiser.'

Should ete not be etaa?


ashok aklujkar

On 6/7/09 7:35 AM, "Kenneth Zysk" <zysk at HUM.KU.DK> wrote:
> This verse comes from the Gargasaṃhitā, Puruṣalakṣaṇa-chapter, which
> unfortunately only occurs in mss., with occasional verses found in Utpala‘s
> commentary to the Br̥hatsaṃhitā (U) and in the Viramitrodaya (Vm). The verse
> lists the six kinds of fools. Perhaps they are found elsewhere in Sanskrit
> literature. If so, please let me know where.
> Here is what I have from 5 mss.
> dr̥dhamūrkhaḥ śrutaḥ kuṃbhasakr̥tomabhicāraḥ/
> ekavidyo nirākarttā ṣaḍ ete mūrkhajātayaḥ//
> dr̥dha-] P dr̥dhaḥ. -sakr̥tomabhicāraḥ] B,V1 -sakr̥tobhabhicāraḥ.
> These six [men] are fools by birth: he who is wholly stupid, …, the magician,
> he who knows only one thing, and the despiser (of tradition).
> Comment: The verse is wanting in U and Vm. Mss. are corrupt in a and b, where
> a syllable is missing.
> Thank for any help.
> Ken 

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