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Dear Colleagues,
Most probably it is naivety, but I am somewhat intrigued at the rush of mails urging the immediate online publication of Edgerton's BHSD. The BHSD was reprinted in 1970, 72, 77, 85, 93 98. I do not know if it has been reprinted again. But I was informed of its availability till a few months ago. In view of the utility of the work, like MMW and Apte it is likely to be reprinted again and again. Its price in India is equivalent to $ 50/- . 
Does the online publication of a three volume work, two are mostly in demand, make it easier to handle? Online publications are more convenient than hard copies for huge multi-volume publications like the Tipitaka,  its Tibetan versions, the St.Petersburg Dictionary etc. 
Why this rush for an easily available three volume work?
There must be some reason. Only that is not clear to me.
Best wishes 
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Dear Stephen,

copyright allowing, the one certainly doesn’t rule out the
other. While we would like to have BHSD available in the same
search interface as our other dictionaries (and our own):

a flat digital text file can easily be extracted from that.


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Asian Languages and Literature
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