resending question on chanted audio of Sanskrit declensions and conjugations?

Peter M. Scharf scharf at BROWN.EDU
Fri Jan 30 22:44:46 UTC 2009

I haven't explored the many Indian sites that are now including  
Sanskrit instructional materials on their sites.  There may be some.   
The tapes I have of one pandit reciting paradigms are good but his  
voice is not of the best quality.  If you find a pandit with a  
melifluous voice, clear pronunciation, and who recites in the proper  

i.e. nominative sg., du., pl., vocative sg. du. pl, etc. for nominals
3rd sg. du. pl., 2nd. sg. du. pl. for verbs.
It'd be a good additiona I'm sure.


On Jan 29, 2009, at 3:41 AM, Dean Michael Anderson wrote:

> Sorry about the bad formatting. Yahoo Mail has been acting up lately.
> I was thinking of working with a pandit to create some mp3 files  
> with chanted audio of Sanskrit declensions and conjugations for  
> teaching purposes. They would be made freely available on the  
> internet. I haven't yet found anything quite right for that purpose.
> Has this already been done somewhere?
> Best,
> Dean
> Dean Michael Anderson
> East West Cultural Institute

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