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Sun Jan 18 12:07:10 UTC 2009

Dear All,

The Victoria and Albert Museum Jain Art Fund offers grants to support
study, research or training in the field of Jain cultural, historical
and art historical studies. They will support both Indian-based scholars
and museum curators spending time in the UK, and UK-based scholars and
curators visiting India for study and research purposes.

There are scholarships available in four different categories: please
see the website of the Nehru Trust for the Indian Collections at the

We welcome applications. The deadline for applications is 31 January
for grants from April 2009-2010. However, if you make an expression of
interest to Rosemary Crill r.crill at or Nick Barnard
n.barnard at by 31 January we will be able to hold the
deadline for a week or two, as we realise the time is short.

With thanks,
Nick Barnard
Victoria and Albert Museum'

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