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Sat Jan 17 19:21:32 UTC 2009

Sawing off the branch one is sitting on is a Swedish proverb also. So  
it is probably universal.
I had a jigsaw puzzle with the Brueghel painting in question, but I  
have given it away so I can't verify.
Best to all
Stella Sandahl
ssandahl at

On 16-Jan-09, at 3:04 PM, Allen W Thrasher wrote:

> I once saw a nice contemporary poster illustrating a lot of British  
> or British-American proverbs in the window of a closed business  
> (not a poster shop, alas).  Unfortunately I couldn't get the  
> publication information and have never seen it since.  If anyone  
> knows of it please contact me.
> Oops!  I think it must have been one of the three Proverbidioms of  
> T.E. Breitenbach, visible at < 
> index.htm >.  He also has several other rather Brueghelian or maybe  
> Boschian posters available.  Time to order for the bath room.
> Allen
> ""Hitting the branch of the tree on which one sits" (below) sounds  
> like it
> could be a Brueghelian proverb - can you find it in the big painting?
> Or, on second thought, maybe it's  a Nepali proverb.
> Or both.
> RIch"

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