Nepalese book with feathers on cover

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Dear Allen,

I guess these feathers are of the sacrificed birds, certainly of more than one, and most likely from the head or neck. They must be attached there together with a piece of flesh or clots of blood. In Nepal, particularly the KTM valley, one can even find the upper part of a buffalo skull together with horns nailed on the temple-walls of the fierce goddesses or gods. The 'sacred' book of power, being one of the object of devotion, also can receive such offers, I think. 

Diwakar Acharya 

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> Subject: Nepalese book with feathers on cover
> Someone came round today and showed us a Nepalese thyasapu (contents stotras, yantras, mantras, medical prescriptions, and 6 or 8 color illustrations looking more 'Buddhist' in content than the apparently 'Hindu' oriented text.  No comments on the relations of the two in Nepal, please; that's why the scare quotes.  Anyway, it had feathers on the cover, rather unattractive ones to my taste.  I find it hard to believe they are there for aesthetic reasons.  Sam Fogg in London offers a somewhat ms: < >.  Does anyone know what this is for?
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