Nepalese book with feathers on cover

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21 02 09
I could not determine just what type of information has been asked for. Just a cursory glance into Sam Fogg's said mss. images informs one of the As.tasaahasrikaa-Praj;naapaaramitaa and some postures, songs etc., certainly meant for the vajramusic. The usual spelling errors occur. I could be more elaborate but  if my guess about the type of information requested is correct  this will do,I hope,
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From: Allen W Thrasher <athr at LOC.GOV>
Subject: Nepalese book with feathers on cover
Date: Saturday, 21 February, 2009, 4:27 AM

Someone came round today and showed us a Nepalese thyasapu (contents stotras,
yantras, mantras, medical prescriptions, and 6 or 8 color illustrations looking
more 'Buddhist' in content than the apparently 'Hindu' oriented
text.  No comments on the relations of the two in Nepal, please; that's why
the scare quotes.  Anyway, it had feathers on the cover, rather unattractive
ones to my taste.  I find it hard to believe they are there for aesthetic
reasons.  Sam Fogg in London offers a somewhat ms: < >.  Does anyone know what this is for?


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