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Dear Indologists,
                                 I will be really grateful if any of  
the scholars could let me have more information about the following;

In his ninth chapter of the Tantraloka (TA), Abhinavagupta seems to be  
making a reference to the Buddhist scholars like Dignaga and  
Sankaranandana. At least that is what Jayaratha tells us in his  
commentary on the TA while citing references from their works. He has  
made reference to the works like Traikalyapariksa of Dignaga (I think  
even this text in not completely available or even published) and the  
Dharmalamkara of Sankaranandana.  Helmut Krasser (2001) does mention  
details about Sankaranandana, but nothing much is said about his work  
titled the Dharmalankara.  Professor Raffaele Torella told me that Dr  
Vincent Eltschinger was preparing an edition of this work based on two  
manuscripts; one from Patna and another from China. I would like to  
have access to the Sanskrit text of the Dharmalankara. If someone can  
share some information with me or get me in touch with Prof Vincent  
Eltschinger directly, I shall be really grateful for that.

I thank everyone in advance who may be able to share some information.  

Mrinal Kaul

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