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Dear Mrinal,
Sankaranandana is actually the author of a mi'sraka text entitled
Dharmaala.kaara, of which no Tibetan translation has come down to us.
Fortunately enough, both Saa.nk.rtyaayana and Tucci have taken photographs
of one manuscript (in Ngor, South Central Tibet) containing all the
stanzas ever written by Sankaranandana and which form the core of no less
than 13 independent treatises (note should be made that Sankaranandana
commented on three, maybe four works of Dharmakiirti, viz. the
Pramaa.navaarttika, the Pramaa.navini'scaya, the Sambandhapariik.saa and -
according to later Tibetan sources - the Vaadanyaaya). All the pictures
are of poor quality but have allowed me to transcribe, let's say, 4/5 of
the manuscript (the product of my endeavours is unfortunately not worthy
of publication in the present state). A little more than 3 years ago, I
was lucky enough to identify other manuscript ressources, among which one
incomplete Sanskrit manuscript containing chapters two and three of
Sankaranandana's Dharmaala.nkaara (the work amounts to three chapters: a
proof of momentariness, a proof of selflessness, and answers to objections
raised against the Buddhist doctrine of momentariness). To put it shortly,
I have made a rough transcription of the treatise's stanzas and of
Sankaranandana's prose commentary on it. Unfortunately, these materials
are not ready for publication. It goes without saying that I shall try my
best in order to provide you with more detailed informations or help in
identifying Saiva quotations.
With best wishes,
Vincent Eltschinger
PS: Two papers of mine are in the process of being published in Italy. The
first (in French), is entitled "Les oeuvres de Sankaranandana: Nouvelles
ressources manuscrites, chronologie relative et identité confessionnelle";
the second (in English), is entitled: "Sankaranandana's Sarvajñasiddhi: A
Preliminary Report." Needless to say, I can send you my own versions of
these two papers.

> Dear Indologists,
>                                  I will be really grateful if any of
> the scholars could let me have more information about the following;
> In his ninth chapter of the Tantraloka (TA), Abhinavagupta seems to be
> making a reference to the Buddhist scholars like Dignaga and
> Sankaranandana. At least that is what Jayaratha tells us in his
> commentary on the TA while citing references from their works. He has
> made reference to the works like Traikalyapariksa of Dignaga (I think
> even this text in not completely available or even published) and the
> Dharmalamkara of Sankaranandana.  Helmut Krasser (2001) does mention
> details about Sankaranandana, but nothing much is said about his work
> titled the Dharmalankara.  Professor Raffaele Torella told me that Dr
> Vincent Eltschinger was preparing an edition of this work based on two
> manuscripts; one from Patna and another from China. I would like to
> have access to the Sanskrit text of the Dharmalankara. If someone can
> share some information with me or get me in touch with Prof Vincent
> Eltschinger directly, I shall be really grateful for that.
> I thank everyone in advance who may be able to share some information.
> Regards.
> Mrinal Kaul
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