Macdonell and Whitney Grammars [DjVu format at Internet Archive]

Thu Feb 12 20:46:06 UTC 2009

Dear Oliver,

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 01:13, Oliver Fallon wrote:

> Does anyone on the list have information on the availability of etexts
>  of:
> Macdonell: A Sanskrit Grammar for Students
> and 
> Whitney: Sanskrit Grammar |(5th ed. 1924)
> I already have the scanned pdfs but it would be very useful to get an
>  accurate text document of either of these works. Surely this is a
>  desideratum  to compliment available versions of Whitney's Roots and
>  MW's Dictionary?

Yes, when it comes to scanned images, the use of the PDF format
definitely has its limitations. If you wish to view and search scanned
documents the DjVu format is arguably superior:

DjVu Org :: home page

DjVu viewers are freely available for all major operating systems:

DjVu Org :: downloads (see link to DjVuLibre & DjView)

As for Macdonell and Whitney -- and much else besides, incl. Apte,
Böhtlingk, and M-W -- you will find DjVu scans here: 

Internet Archive :: Text Archive

And for the impatient ;)

Macdonell (3rd edn, 1926):

Whitney (1879 x2):

Ibid. (1896):

Ibid. (1950):

To download any of these versions please follow the `All Files: HTTP'
link within the `View the book' section on the top left of each page.
The DjVu files have `*.djvu' filename extensions.

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