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Danielle Feller:
The Seasons in Mahakavya Literature
Eastern Book Linkers, Delhi 1995
ISBN 681-86339-24-8
Rs. 250.00

This valuable publication does not deal with the relevant portions in
Kumaradasa's Janakiharana (stray verses), Ratnakara's Haravijaya (canto
3) and Sivasvamin's Kapphinabhyudaya (canto 8)

An English translation of Kapphinabhyudaya canto 8 can be found on pp.
15-24 (= [29]-[48]) of

Michael Hahn:
King Kapphina's Triumph. A Ninth Century Kashmiri Buddhist Poem. Kyoto
2007, iv, 239 pp. [including 52 plates in colour and 6 plates in black
and white; pp. 1-175 = [1] - [350]]

A pdf file of the relevant section of the book can be obtained from the
author upon request [please off-list, of course]

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