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Indologie, Seminar fuer indologi at GWDG.DE
Fri Aug 7 10:07:35 UTC 2009

Dear list members,

we are glad to announce that as of today an electronic version of the Epic
and Puranic Bibliography is available at
http://www.indologie.uni-goettingen.de/cms/index.php?id=5. As indicated on
the welcome page the Epic and Puranic Bibliography On-Line publishes the work
of over a decade of the "Tübingen Purana-Project". The on-line bibliography
contains all entries of the printed version "Epic and Puranic Bibliography
(up to 1985) annotated and with indexes" (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1992)
as well as the yet unpublished work of the second phase and the new entries
which are now added to the more than 13,000 entries available from the first
two phases.
EPB On-Line is "interactive" as every user can contribute new entries to this
bibliography. Specific goals of making EPB interactive are:

    *   to add new publications and publications in languages so far not
included, in particular Indian languages, Japanese, Slavic languages, etc.
    *   to diminish the number of non-verified entries, i.e., entries that
were included in the bibliography on the basis of secondary sources
(footnotes, reviews, bibliographies, etc.) without the details having been
verified by autopsy.
    *   to add reviews of the books already included in the bibliography.

We hope that this publication will prove useful and we encourage you all to
use it -- as source of information and by contributing to it actively.

EPB is hosted on the server of the University of Göttingen. All questions and
comments concerning administration or contents may be addressed to

Anne Kessler
Thomas Oberlies
Peter Schreiner

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