New Publications of Kshemendra' works and Shaktivada

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Dear Members,

We are happy to announce the arrival of new publications of Sanskrit Academy, Hyd. 

1) Kshemendra’s Minor
works (Revised edition)

Kshemendra, who is one of the front-ranking
writers in Sanskrit, flourished in the last quarter of tenth and first half of
the eleventh century A.D. Endowed with a master mind, he had a variety of
interests in worldly life and wrote quite a number of treatises and poems on
diverse subjects. He is truly described as a polymath. Almost every important
branch of Sanskrit literature has been enriched by this genius writer.

This edition is comprised of his eleven minor works as

 (1) Aucitya-vicara-carcaa (2) Kavikanthabharana (3) Suvritta-Tilaka (4) Caturvarga-Sangraha (5) Caarucaryaa (6) Darpadalana (7) Sevyasevakopadesa (8) Kalaavilaasa (9)
Desopadesa (10) Narmamalaa and (11) Samayamaatrika.

A detailed introduction with up-to-date bibliography
of Kshemendra's works is an addition to this edition. The last section
which includes seven appendices is highly useful for the researchers. 

This edition is a result of collective effort by the
faculty of Sanskrit Academy, Hyd. Dr. Shrinivasa Varakhedi, the Director and
Dr. V.Shrinivasa Sharma, Editor, have played key role in editing this volume.

2 ) Shaktivada of Gadadhara Bhattacharya is one of the textbooks
widely studied in Navya Nyaya Tradition. It deals with the basic conveying power
of words that is called “Shakti”. According to the theory of Nyaya, Shakti is
nothing but convention that plays major role in conveying the meaning of a
word. The role and nature of power of words and its place in the process of
shabbdabodha are discussed in the first chapter of this work. In the second of
part the work, semantics of some unique nouns like cow etc., pronouns like All,
Some, This, etc, reflexives like slef etc, are discussed in detail. 

This work is critically edited by Dr.Shrinvasa Varakhedi and
Dr. Veeranarayana Pandurangi in consultation with many published books and
manuscripts. A summary of the whole work is given in lucid Sanskrit for the
benefit of students. This edition is the first publication in the Nyaya Text
Series planned by both the scholars. 

Dr.Shrinivasa Varakhedi is presently working as Director of
Sanskrit Academy – a Research Center of Osmania University functioning with the
financial assistance of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan. He is the recipient of
Vyas Badarayan Samman conferred on him by President of India. He has more than
ten publications to his credit. 

Dr. Veeranarayana Pandurangi is head of the Dept. of
Darshana in Rajasthan Sanskrit University, who has studied Nyaya under Manikya
Shastry of Vijayawada and Meemamsa under Marthanda Dikshit, Hubli. He has
published many books and research papers on various topics. He is conducting
critical research in the field of Nyaya and Vedanta. His recent studies on
Gadadhara have gained the attention of the scholarly world.

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