rAjahaMsa in the ha?sasa?des ´a

Stephen Hodge s.hodge at PADMACHOLING.PLUS.COM
Sun Apr 19 20:00:42 UTC 2009

Victor van Bijlert wrote:

>I am aware of the fact that the hamsa is the Anser Indicus, a kind of 
>Could anyone explain why the hamsa has been used as a metaphor of a special
>type of world-renouncer.

To complicate matters, I have found that a number of Buddhist texts prefer 
to use the simile of the saarasa ~ also a type of goose ~ in basically the 
same context.  I wonder if the ha.msa was avoided deliberately. The imagery 
with the saarasa seems to be connected with this powerful migratory bird 
flying upwards into the sky and away, especially after it has hatched and 
nurtured its offspring.

Best wishes,
Stepehen Hodge 

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