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Wed Apr 8 10:39:20 UTC 2009

Dear Colleagues,

John has just upgraded his IndUni fonts. All users are encouraged to
replace previous versions.

Best regards,

 Richard Mahoney


April 7, 2009: I have created upgraded versions of my "IndUni" OpenType
fonts. These are Unicode-compliant fonts that contain a comprehensive
set of "Indological" characters, as well as all the European characters
that scholars are likely to need. They are available as freeware, and
include high-quality lookalikes for Times, Palatino, New Century
Schoolbook, Helvetica and Courier. They are based on the freeware fonts
so generously contributed by URW++ of Germany.

The upgraded fonts now contain all the forms required for Avestan, and
a basic set of Greek letters. In addition they contain all the accented
characters specified by MES-1, the smallest of the recognised
Multilingual European Subsets of Unicode; numerous other accented forms
that linguists tend to require; all the accented characters needed for
Pinyin; and a set of Cyrillic characters. This is, of course, in
addition to all the characters known to be used in representing Indian
languages in Roman script. The IndUni-T fonts (the Times-like ones)
also contain versions of j-underdot, used for some Dardic languages.

There was an unfortunate bug in the previous release, resulting in the
omission of non-breaking space. This has been fixed.

The fonts accept input in both "composed" and "decomposed" forms of
Unicode -- e.g. the correct form for "a macron" will be used whether
the document contains the one character U+0101 ("a macron") or the two
characters U+0061 ("a") + U+0304 ("macron"). Since there seems to be
something of a shift in usage under way here, this is a major

The fonts can be downloaded from

John Smith

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