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Sven Sellmer sellmers at GMX.DE
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Dear Colleagues,

first of all I would like to thank all of you very much for your  
overwhelming reaction to my litte query!

It seems the oldest serious candidate that came up was the

"/YavanajAtaka/ of Sphujidhvaja. It was written in the third century  
CE. It is purportedly a versified version of a prose translation of a  
Greek text on astrology composed in Hellenistic Egypt. According to  
David Pingree, the prose translation was carried out by Yavanezvara in  
the second century CE during the reign of the Saka ruler Rudradaman I  
of Ujjain."  (Luis González-Reimann)

I have prepared a small rtf document in which I have copied  
bibliographical hints that appeared in the discussion, arranged  
according to the source languages. (Because I am mainly interested in  
earlier periods I have included mainly pre-19th century translations,  
but a long and very interesting list of later material can be found in  
Klaus Karttunen's post.) I had neither time nor opportunity to check  
the bibliographical data, still the list may be useful as a starting  
point for further research. Unfortunately, for technical reasons I  
cannot simply attach it, so if you would like to receive it, please  
contact me off list.

Best wishes,
Sven Sellmer

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