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> dharm.m janaamy aha.m, na ca me prav.rtti.h
> adharma.m janaamy aha.m, na ca me niv.rtti.h

That would be metrically hard to account for. Probably it was

janaami dharma.m na ca me prav.rtti.h
   jaanaamy adharma.m na ca me niv.rtti.h/

which is usually followed by, as the second half of the verse,
something like:

tvayaa h.r.siike"sa h.rdi sthitena
    yathaa niyukto 'smi tathaa karomi//

That would be the Vai.s.nava version, which we find in e.g. the
Haribhaktivilaasa (with attribution, it seems to the,
though I don't think the verse has been found there). 

The third paada will however be found in various forms, according to religious
context. A "Saiva-"Saakta version for it (found in the "Saaktaanandatara"ngi.nii):

tvayaa mahaadevi h.rdisthayaaha.m 

And we find sometimes, e.g. in Vidyaara.nya's Pa~ncada"sii:

kenaapi devena h.rdi sthitena

It is probably going to be difficult to establish in what work this verse first
appeared. But perhaps someone can provide that information, and be your 'winning

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