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Dear colleague,

Apart from the Uttaratantra of the Susrutasamhita, a Carakottaratantra is 
known from
See on it my "A history of Indian medical literature" IA, 99--100.

Jan Meulenbeld

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> Thank you and Jan for the useful reply.  I would never have though that 
> Susruta would mention a "remedy" like that.   Though, now I think about 
> it, it I should have considered that possibility since this cycle of texts 
> is chock-a-block with teaching examples based on ayurveda -- more so than 
> any other Buddhist material I have seen elsewhere.  Indeed, I have 
> wondered whether the target audience was the medical profession.
> Actually, in connection with this, would you know if the term 
> "uttaratantra" was first used in connection with the Samhita or had it 
> been used previously ?   The texts I am dealing with are probably the 
> first Buddhist ones to do so and they should be dated c80 - c120CE.
> Many thanks,
> Stephen Hodge
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> oh, how interesting!  This thing about beating smeared drums for health
> occurs in the Susrutasamhita too, in a section of the Kalpasthana on
> curing poisoning that may affect a population as a whole.  The caustic
> paste is smeared on drums, banners and doorways in the town.
> I mention this briefly in Roots of Ayurveda, 3rd ed., pp.78--9.
> -- 
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