Prav ṛtti/nivṛtti: publicatio ns and fol d-out chart

Alfred Collins acollins at GCI.NET
Wed Oct 22 21:06:07 UTC 2008

Dr. De Michelis,

I have attempted to integrate the pravrtti/nivrtti opposition (within Samkhya/Yoga especially) into psychoanalytic self psychology and the anthropology of McKim Marriott.  Of several articles written around 1991-1994, see especially "From Brahma to a Blade of Grass" in the Journal of Indian Philosophy, 1991. (19:2) especially pp 170-174. My approach has been to view pravrtti/nivrtti as human level analogues of the self evolution and involution of the late Vedic cosmic Man (Purusa, Prajapati).

Also Ian Whicher, The Integrity of the Yoga Darsana, page 307 where he summarizes his overall argument using these terms. (He sees nirodha, YS I.2 as equivalent to nivrtti, as I understand him, which allows him to emphasize the flowing back, pratiprasava, element in nirodha above the cutting off or shutting down element). 

And G. Larson, the Samkhya volume in the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, pp 65-72 and elsewhere. Also the Yoga volume.

I also thought van Buitenen discussed the terms somewhere but cannot find it.

Best wishes,

Al Collins

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