Compatible Font for Macs and PCs...

L.S. Cousins selwyn at NTLWORLD.COM
Sat Nov 29 21:33:14 UTC 2008

Despite the various comments made so far, it seems to me that specialist 
fonts are no longer the way to go. On a new Mac with a recent System the 
standard fonts which come with the Mac (and with Office) are Unicode 
fonts which contain the necessary characters. So if one uses, say, 
Times, then it  should now be fully compatible with Windows. That does 
seem to be the case for Pali. Probably for standard Classical Sanskrit. 
The situation might be different for e.g. Gāndhārī. It would be 
interesting to know what others have found.

Both the EasyUnicode (not Easy Unicode) keyboard and PopChar are very 

Lance Cousins,

Wolfson College, Oxford

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