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Elliot M. Stern emstern at VERIZON.NET
Sun Nov 30 02:26:17 UTC 2008

I've been using Times_Ind_Uni-Roman for some time on my MacBook Pro.  
It works well, if you select the Inuktitut - Nunavut keyboard. The  
font was available from John D. Smith's website. Similar but  
differently named fonts are now available: 


On 29 Nov  2008, at 1:08 AM, Mary Storm wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Please forgive this request, as I am sure it is one that surfaces  
> every year in some form... but I think I may have a new wrinkle.
> I am writing a book that is basically my dissertation that has grown  
> up and wants to move on into the wide world. My dissertation was  
> written in TransIndic for Mac. This font no longer exists. I need a  
> transliteration font (for Sanskrit, Hindi, and Tamil) that works for  
> both Mac and PC, so that I can edit, amend, expand the original  
> text, which presently reads as gibberish on my MacBook Pro OSX 10.5.5.
> I have looked in all the obvious places for a MAC/PC compatible  
> font, but have struck out. Sorry to be such an idiot and much  
> gratitude to anyone who can help me out of this pickle!!!
> Many Thanks,
> Mary
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