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Mary Storm mnstorm at MAC.COM
Sat Nov 29 09:53:57 UTC 2008

Dear Will,

Thank you so much!!! I am in business. Most of the time I don't feel  
as if I am utterly computer illiterate, but this had me flummoxed.

Now I just need to do a lot of typing...

I am very grateful,

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On 29-Nov-08, at 2:41 PM, Will Rasmussen wrote:

> Dear Mary,
> I have been using Gandhari Unicode Roman for several years on my  
> Macs (through several OSX upgrades) and it works very well. However,  
> I remember having a terrible time getting it up and running at  
> first. I am very ignorant about the 'behind the scenes' workings of  
> fonts, and indeed about pretty much everything else to do with  
> computers, but someone in the IT Department here advised me to  
> install (and actually installed for me!) something called Easy  
> Unicode Keyboard. Whenever I use Gandhari Unicode Roman font, I must  
> first switch to the Easy Unicode Keyboard. (You can access all this  
> keyboard stuff by opening 'System Preferences' and then opening  
> 'International', in the top 'Personal' row of icons. There is also  
> an icon for this in the menu next to the clock.)
> For obtaining Easy Unicode Keyboard, see the following site, which  
> recommends Andrew Glass' Gandhari Unicode Font (to whom I offer  
> abundant thanks).
> The following site is helpful for downloading and using the  
> keyboard, from what I can gather, but again, I am not the person to  
> advise you further on actually installing and operating it.
> Please forgive me if all of this information is quite beside the  
> point, as your problem may be much more complicated both than this  
> and than I would comprehend!
> In any case, please accept my 'Good luck!' from a Mac commiserator!
> Best wishes,
> Will
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> On 29 Nov 2008, at 08:19, Mary Storm wrote:
>> Yes, I tried Gandhari Unicode and it won't work. I think the problem
>> is OS X, but that has now been out on the market for a while. . . so
>> somebody has surely tackled this problem for Macs.
>> Mary Storm
>> On 29-Nov-08, at 1:14 PM, Valerie J Roebuck wrote:
>>> Are you sure? I tried Gandhari Unicode when trying to process some
>>> documents on my husband's Mac with OS X , and I couldn't even get it
>>> to produce a lower case anusvAra M. (When I used the thing that's
>>> supposed to let you find non-standard characters, it put in a rather
>>> messy upper case one instead). I would like to know this, because I
>>> have been happily using the Norman fonts on my ancient Mac Classic
>>> for many years, with Pop Char for when I need to find a particularly
>>> obscure character, and am dreading the day (surely not far off) when
>>> I have to get a modern Mac with OS X.
>>> Valerie J Roebuck
>>> At 10:22 pm -0800 28/11/08, Andrew Glass wrote:
>>>> Dear Mary,
>>>> The Gandhari Unicode font has all the signs you will need. It also
>>>> works well on a MacBook when using a modern word processor like
>>>> Mellel.
>>>> Andrew

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