Compatible Font for Macs and PCs...

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Sat Nov 29 13:30:56 UTC 2008

Nobody has yet mentioned the superb unicode font family made for us by
John Smith, free and downloadable from his website,

The fonts are called the IndUni family.  They have all the accented chars
in all the right unicode places, so they are completely compatible with
unicode, unicode keyboards, etc.  John provides keyboard handlers for both
Windows and Mac that make it easy to type Indic diacritics. The IndUni
family includes fonts in the style of the ususal suspects: Times Roman,
New Century Schoolbook, etc.

I use John's fonts and Windows keyboard myself, and the whole setup is
really good.  Where the IndUni fonts score over Gandhari, Junicode,
Cyberbit, MS Unicode Arial, and all the others I've looked at is that the
accents of the IndUni fonts are very carefully positioned and look right
to the indological eye, so to speak.  When you explore the Indic
characters in most fonts, they are generally usable, but often ugly.
E.g., the macron is too close to the top of the vowel, or the underdot is
not quite centered under the characters.  With the IndUni fonts, this is
all correct.

The IndUni fonts do not contain CJK, so if you wanted to type romanized
Sanskrit at Chinese, you'd need to swap for the Chinese.

John has also provided two very nice unicode Devanagari fonts.


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