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Below is the copy for our flyer announcing South Asia Across the


Call for Submissions
South Asia Across the Disciplines
Edited by Dipesh Chakrabarty, Sheldon Pollock, and Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Muzaffar Alam • Akeel Bilgrami • Lawrence Cohen • Vasudha Dalmia •
Nicholas B. Dirks • Wendy Doniger • Leela Gandhi • Robert Goldman • Akhil
Gupta • Sudipta Kaviraj • Kathleen D. Morrison • Gregory Schopen •
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak • Gauri Viswanathan • Steven I. Wilkinson

Published jointly by the University of California Press, the University
of Chicago Press, and Columbia University Press

Three of the academy’s leading publishers in South Asian studies are
combining their resources and those of the Mellon Foundation to launch a
major new series devoted principally to first books in this vibrant

“South Asia Across the Disciplines” will address core questions of South
Asian studies. These include the place of South Asian studies in the
disciplinary order; the presence of the past and the pastness of the
present in South Asia; the history and nature of modernity (including
early and late modernity), especially in relation to such issues as
cultural change, political transformation, secularism and political
religion, and globalization. Above all, the series will showcase
monographs that spur new archives, theory, and method. We expect our
authors, whom we hope will represent the entire, global extent of South
Asian studies, to emerge principally from history, literary studies,
religious studies, philosophy, and the interpretive social sciences,
especially social or cultural anthropology. We will also consider books
that apply to the fields of political science, sociology, and economics.

As a collaboration among leading university presses, “South Asia Across
the Disciplines” marks an innovative approach. Each book in the series
will be published under the imprint of one of the three presses, but all
will be promoted as part of the series, sharing in design, advertising,
and publicity.

Authors interested in submitting a book manuscript to the series should
send an initial inquiry and prospectus to Avni Majithia at
am3190 at


The internet link is as follows -

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