Information on two tiirthas

Benjamin Fleming fleming_b4 at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun May 18 23:30:18 UTC 2008

Dear Toke,

There is a maahaatmya dedicated to the puur.naa river written in Marathi
mentioned by Anne Feldhaus in her book, Water & Womanhood (Oxford, 1995),
pp. 6-9. This, at least, might be a good place to start looking for sources.
Hope this helps.



On 5/18/08 5:20 PM, "Toke Lindegaard Knudsen" <toke_knudsen at MAC.COM> wrote:

> Dear Indologists,
> I am wondering if any of you would happen to have any information about
> two tiirthas in Maharashtra, namely Puur.natiirtha and Aatmatiirtha.
> Both are on the bank of the Godaavarii river, and both are mentioned in
> the Gautamiimaahaatmya of the  However, I would be
> curious to know if they are mentioned in other sources as well.
> Many thanks.
> Sincerely,
> Toke

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