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On 9 May 2008, at 06:59, NAYAK Anand wrote:

> What is "will" (as in "will-power" "faculties of intelligence and
> will"...)in Sanskrit? Does the Indian psychology admit such a
> faculty in man?  Can anyone help?

This interesting question illustrates the challenges entailed in comparing
concepts across systems of thought/philosophical traditions. So, here is
just a thought. 

As a parallel in the tradition of Nyaaya-Vai"se.sika for 'will' conceived of
as an individual's capacity for purposive conation, see the treatment of
prayatna ('effort')  as one of the gu.nas of the aatman. E.g. Nyaaya Suutra
& comm. on 1.1.10; also Vaatsyaayana's comments on 2.1.26 (2.1.27 in some
editions). But if the query is in regard to notions of 'free will' etc.,
then Vaatsyaayana's comment on 2.1.29 (2.1.30 in some editions) demands our
consideration of their doctrine of ad.r.s.ta (accumulated dharma and

See also Siddhaanta-muktaavalii 149-51 for an extended discussion about
kinds, conditions and causes of prayatna.

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