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At 7:59 am +0200 9/5/08, NAYAK Anand wrote:
> What is "will" (as in "will-power" "faculties of intelligence and 
> will"...)in Sanskrit? Does the Indian psychology admit such a faculty 
> in man? Can anyone help?

Valerie J Roebuck schreef:
> In the UpaniSads, saMkalpa is used in something like this sense. 
> Etymologically it  means something like 'the power of the mind to 
> shape (kLp-) [its surroundings according to its wishes]'. See 
> ChAndogya Book VII, especially VII.4.

In medieval ritualistic literature I know sa.mkalpa as the term for a 
vow, i.e., a decision, the result of an act of will.

For "will-power" I have often seen the term icchaa;sakti used 
("wish-energy"), e.g., in Saiva tantric literature from south India.


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