Mahabhasya now available in Intratext version

Jan E.M. Houben j_e_m_houben at YAHOO.COM
Tue May 6 12:49:50 UTC 2008

Dear Dominik, 
  This looks like a great new tool for Paninian studies. 
  I found that some texts can be downloaded from Intratext. Does this also apply to the Intratext Mahabhasya? 
  What do the P and R *exactly* stand for? For instance, when I click 1.1, I get a few lines the last of which, on my screen, is: 
  (P 1) P I.1.1 - 5  R I.1 - 4 {10/10} agne ayâhi vîtaye iti
  Apparently, sandhi has been undone, but the a- of aayaahi should have been long. 
  Since this is the Paspa;saahnika, I assume P I.1.1 does not mean that it is the Mahabhasya on Paa.nini's I.1.1 v.rddhir aadaic. So P is not Paa.nini but what does it mean? Probably P and R refer to some edition, but which ones?

Dominik Wujastyk <ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK> wrote:
  Thanks to the staff and funding at the project, and to the 
original data-analysis and data-entry project under Prof. Cardona, the 
Mahabhasya of Patanjali is now available with the Intratext coding:

This makes the generation of KWIC indexes trivially easy, as well as 
providing various statistical and lexical analyses of the text.

Prof. Dominik Wujastyk
Visiting Associate Professor (Spring Semester '08)
Department of Asian Studies
University of Texas at Austin

  Prof. Dr. Jan E.M. Houben,
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