two Stellen at Berlin, Humboldt Uni.

Arlo Griffiths arlo.griffiths at LET.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Wed Mar 19 16:06:06 UTC 2008

I am not sure why, but the following two announcements for new  
positions in South Asian Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin  
seem not yet to have been circulated to our list. 

W3-Professur "Kulturen und Gesellschaften Südasiens" zum 01.10.2008 

Juniorprofessur „Medialität und Intermedialität in den Gesellschaften  
Asiens / Afrikas“ zum 01.10.2008

It is hard to know whether to be glad about the opening of these new  
opportunities in Berlin, or to be sad about what their opening seems  
simultaneously to be relegating to the irrecoverable past.

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