NGMCP Newsletter, No. 5

Kengo Harimoto kengo.harimoto at UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Mon Jul 21 11:29:37 UTC 2008

Dear Colleagues,

The Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project (NGMCP) is pleased  
to announce the sixth issue of the _Newsletter of the NGMCP_.   PDF  
versions of the Newsletter are now available at the University of  
Hamburg website:

As usual, there are two versions: full and light.  The full version is  
about 9.1 MB, and the light version is about 1.6 MB.  The difference  
is in the quality of the graphics.

Please be reminded that we plan to produce hard-copies of the issue in  
the near future.  Those who requested hard-copies of preceding issues  
will automatically receive them.  We continuously accept new requests.

Contents of The Newsletter of the NGMCP, No. 6, Spring-Summer 2008:

"Editorial" by Harunaga Isaacson

"Antiquarian Enquiries into the Initiation Manuals of the  
Catuṣpīṭha" by Péter-Dániel Szántó

"Book Announcement: James Mallinson, _The Khecarīvidyā of Ādinātha.  
A Critical Editon and Annotated Translation of an Early Text of  
Haṭhayoga_, Routledge, Oxford/New York 2007"

"Fragments of a commentary on the Tattvasaṅgraha, part 1" by Kengo  
Harimoto and Kazuo Kano

The NGMCP is a project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  
(German Research Foundation).

For correspondence:

Abteilung für Kultur und Geschichte Indiens und Tibets
Universität Hamburg
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Telephone: +49 40 42838-6269
Kengo Harimoto
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Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project
Abteilung fuer Kultur und Geschichte Indiens und Tibets
Universitaet Hamburg - Asien-Afrika-Institut

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