New DICT Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary (Vers.0.3 - RC1) available for download

Richard MAHONEY r.mahoney at ICONZ.CO.NZ
Thu Jul 17 03:33:44 UTC 2008

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Dear Colleagues,

The first release candidate (RC1) for the newly revised Dictionary
Server Protocol (DICT) version of Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English
Dictionary[*] can now be downloaded from here:

 Indica et Buddhica - Repositorium

All users of previous DICT versions are encouraged to upgrade.

The DICT database can be found in the following zip archive:
`'. Installation instructions for users of UNIX,
UNIX-like, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh systems can be found in the
following text file: `DICT-README.TXT'.

A web based interface to this new version (and also to the previous
`legacy' version) is available here:

 Indica et Buddhica - Lexica: Sanskrit, Tibetan and English

The web version should give users a reasonable idea of what will be
possible after installing the DICT version on their own computers or
servers. A notable feature is the ability to query the database with a
variety of search strategies: 

     1. Return Definitions
     2. Match headwords exactly
     3. Match prefixes
     4. Match substring occurring anywhere in a headword
     5. Match suffixes
     6. POSIX 1003.2 (modern) regular expressions
     7. Old (basic) regular expressions
     8. Match using SOUNDEX algorithm
     9. Match headwords within Levenshtein distance one
    10. Match separate words within headwords

Users will also find that while Sanskrit terms should be entered using
Harvard-Kyoto transliteration, DICT interfaces are actually case
insensitive, i.e. `prapaJca' is equivalent to `prapajca', `mahAmaNDapa'
to `mahamandapa'. If one enters a term incorrectly the system will also
return suggestions, e.g.:

Search results
No definitions found for "buddh", perhaps you mean: 

mwv031: buddhi buddha budh bundh

As usual, comments, corrections and feedback are most welcome. They
should be mailed to me or entered in these forms:

 Contact Us 

 User Corrections

 User Feedback

A final release of the DICT version will be made once I have had a
chance to incorporate suggestions.

By the way, a web version of this release message, together with the
`DICT-README.TXT' and a screen shot as attachments, can be found here:

 New DICT Monier-Williams Dictionary available for download

Best regards,

 Richard Mahoney

[*] A \\ Sanskrit-English Dictionary by Sir Monier Monier-Williams \\
Indica et Buddhica Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) Version 0.3 RC1 \\
Conversion to DICT from Cologne Source version by \\ Richard Mahoney \\
Indica et Buddhica \\ Oxford, North Canterbury \\ 2008.

See: 1.) Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries
( This web page provides
access to some of the Sanskrit lexicons prepared by the Institute of
Indology and Tamil Studies, Cologne University;

2.) Marking Monier: Current state of digitized Monier-Williams
by Jim Funderburk, Honesdale, Pennsylvania & Thomas Malten, University
of Cologne (May, 2008);

and 3.) Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Downloads
MONIER2008.ALL forms the basis for the current Indica et Buddhica DICT
version. The author would like to express his deep gratitude to Dr
Thomas Malten for kindly permitting a new release of the DICT version
based on the most recent version of the Cologne source file.

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Littledene      | telephone/telefax (man.): +64 3 312 1699
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