Phonetical descriptions (Skt and Tamil): the edge(s) of a tongue in action (Re: Bows in ancient India

Ashok Aklujkar ashok.aklujkar at UBC.CA
Thu Jul 17 04:15:10 UTC 2008

> From: Jean-Luc Chevillard <jean-luc.chevillard at UNIV-PARIS-DIDEROT.FR>
> Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 13:23:36 +0200

> if viLimpu is perceived as the possible transposition of an existing
> Sanskrit technical term,
> I wonder whether these technical descriptions of an indian tongue in action
> throw light (or obscurity?) on the description of a bow
> and what its viLimpu might be precisely
> but they might give a clue.

Skt (/Austro-Asiatic? Mayrhofer KEWA p. 270) ko.ti may be  semantically
parallel. Note the meanings 'the curved end of a bow,' 'the edge or point of
a weapon,' 'the highest point, excess, peak' 'the complement of an arch to
90 degrees,' 'the perpendicular side of a right-angled triangle' in enlarged
Apte p. 697. 

ashok aklujkar

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