Soliciting a book review of Kamphorst on Marwari epic

George Thompson gthomgt at COMCAST.NET
Sat Jul 12 20:19:55 UTC 2008

Dear Mahendra,

I will forward your information to the editors.  There have been a few 
replies already.  The decision is not in my hands.  I am merely 
connecting the editors to Indologists who are interested in the book.  
They will send a copy of the book to the person who is chosen.

Best wishes,


Mahendra Kumar Mishra wrote:

>Dear George
> I am Dr Mahendr Kumar MIshra   from Orissa
> I am the writer of Oral Eppics of kalahandi  and a folklore   scholar
>of India.
> You can see my  work in the web site
> searching my name or my work on folklore.
> If you are  interested in  sending the book on  oral epics  I am
>ready to review this book.
>with best regards,
>mahendra  kumar mIshra
> published  mybook  oral epics of Kalahandi)
>On 7/12/08, George Thompson <gthomgt at> wrote:
>>Dear List,
>>The editors of the online journal *Versification,* a journal devoted to
>>comparative literary prosody, seek a scholar who is competent to review this
>>"In Praise of Death. History and Poetry in Medieval Marwar (South Asia)," by
>>Janet Kamphorst [Leiden Univ. Press 2008].
>>One of the editors tells me:
>>"According to the blurb, it's a study of heroic and epic war poetry
>>transmitted by the poets of pastoral-nomadic communities in medieval Marwar
>>(Rajasthan).  It evokes the lived past of the Rajput, Bhil and Charan of the
>>Marwari desert with a detailed analysis of poetic sources and a big chunk on
>>Dimgal prosody.  The author spent three years in anthropological and
>>archival research for the book.  An appendix contains some extensive
>>transliterations of the songs."
>>Anyone interested in writing a review of this book should contact me or the
>>editors of *Versification.*  Or if anyone on the list can recommend a
>>scholar who would be competent and willing to write a review, please forward
>>contact information, so that this person can be contacted and invited to do
>>Thank you in advance,
>>George Thompson

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