Soliciting a book review of Kamphorst on Marwari epic

George Thompson gthomgt at COMCAST.NET
Sat Jul 12 01:29:31 UTC 2008

Dear List,

The editors of the online journal *Versification,* a journal devoted to 
comparative literary prosody, seek a scholar who is competent to review 
this book:

"In Praise of Death. History and Poetry in Medieval Marwar (South 
Asia)," by Janet Kamphorst [Leiden Univ. Press 2008]. 

One of the editors tells me:

"According to the blurb, it's a study of heroic and epic war poetry 
transmitted by the poets of pastoral-nomadic communities in medieval 
Marwar (Rajasthan).  It evokes the lived past of the Rajput, Bhil and 
Charan of the Marwari desert with a detailed analysis of poetic sources 
and a big chunk on Dimgal prosody.  The author spent three years in 
anthropological and archival research for the book.  An appendix 
contains some extensive transliterations of the songs."

Anyone interested in writing a review of this book should contact me or 
the editors of *Versification.*  Or if anyone on the list can recommend 
a scholar who would be competent and willing to write a review, please 
forward contact information, so that this person can be contacted and 
invited to do so.

Thank you in advance,

George Thompson

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