Bhattoji and Nagoji: Workshop on Vaiyakaranas in Banaras in the 16th-18th Cts - 29 February 2008

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Mon Jan 28 23:02:05 UTC 2008

      Bhattoji and Nagoji
  There will be a workshop in Oxford on the 29th February, 2008, to discuss the Vaiyakaranas who were active in Banaras in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.  

  Participants will include Madhav Deshpande, James Benson, Jan Houben, MariaPiera Candotti, Pascale Haag, and Christopher Minkowski.

  Full information about the workshop is available at this URL:


    Bhattoji and Nagoji
  Grammarians and Philosophers of Language in Early Modern Banaras
  2 p.m. until 6 p.m., 29 February, 2008
  The Russell Room, Balliol College, Oxford
  At this workshop we seek to explore the social and intellectual history of grammarians in early modern Banaras.  Why was grammar and language philosophy so important at this time?  Why were philosophers so interested in fixing the understanding of meaning? What was the intellectual profile of grammarians and the range of their output, beyond strictly disciplinary grammatical works?  What was the nature of their engagement and contribution to the notoriously disputatious intellectual scene in Banaras in those days?  What were their links to social and political settings in Maharashtra?  What was their engagement with contemporary social and scientific or technological issues?   What was their teaching career like, and what became of their disciples, children and schools of thought?  What explains the unexpected and unusual durability of the collective memory of Bhattoji and Nagoji as distinctive individuals, even today?

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