if anyone might have access to the Cambridge MSS...

Richard MAHONEY r.mahoney at ICONZ.CO.NZ
Wed Jan 23 08:58:56 UTC 2008

Dear Jonathan,

On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 21:27, Jonathan Silk wrote:
> For the microfilm publication of the Cambridge MSS, see
> http://www.il.proquest.com/products_umi/descriptions/buddhist-sanskrit.shtml
> Pressing on the "click here" will get you a pdf one page information sheet
> (without prices...).
> Others are approaching the issue of making their materials available in
> other ways. Within a few days I hope to post an announcement about the
> wonderful initiative taken by Tokyo University in this regard--stay tuned.
> Jonathan

If you know exactly what you're after -- e.g. Wright Collection, Add.
1478 for the "Sik.saasamuccaya -- then you should be able to send a
request directly to:

 mss at lib.cam.ac.uk (may have changed, please check)

They should be able to give you a quote for making a duplicate from
their masters. The advantage of this is that if you ever receive an
older, poor quality film then chances are you may very well be able to
have it refilmed.

Kind regards,


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