Daniela Rossella ghezziem at TIN.IT
Tue Feb 19 15:23:12 UTC 2008

Dear friend, perhaps the easier way of getting something of useful is to go
to http://www.worldcat.org, and, in the advanced search, to write the words:
Aesthetics, Indic.
You will find 180 records in few seconds.
Good luck, Daniela Rossella

> Dear Indologists,
> I¹m in need of suggestions for introductory readings on Rasa. It is for a
> philosopher with a research project in aesthetics but who has no knowledge of
> classical Indian languages.
> I would be most grateful for references to authoritative introductory survey
> material dealing with Rasa (particularly theoretical material), and any
> English
> translations of important texts on the topic.
> Many thanks!
> Shyam Ranganathan
> Department of Philosophy,
> York University

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