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Juergen Neuss jneuss at ARCOR.DE
Sun Feb 17 10:18:38 UTC 2008

dear list, 

Oliver Hellwig wrote:
> I think any web library should only offer scanned/digitalized versions of 
> texts; page images are not really useful because they are not searchable. 

there is definitely a point in o.h."s argument, but still a "digital photocopy" of a book is still much better than a book missing in the shelve. moreover, scanning a book (with no copyright on it, of course) is considerably less work than scan plus ocr plus proof reading. on the other hand, our own works, as long as they"ve been written on a computer, don't need to be scanned and could be distributed in a globally useful format (by which i definitely don't propose ms-word!!!). the question arising here is: which one?

greetings from delhi

p.s. besides, i share reinhold gruenendahl' suspicion regarding google's generosity expressed in one of his earlier postings.


juergen neuss
freie universitaet berlin

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