Kielhorn/Digital library

Oliver Hellwig hellwig7 at GMX.DE
Sat Feb 16 15:54:26 UTC 2008

A late addition to the discussion about a digital library. A few months 
ago, I began designing a PHP/MySQL based interface for digital texts. 
Other work interfered, therefore it is still in a really rudimentary 
stage. A web-based interface for secondary literature would be really 
great and could, for example, use this code as a starting point. 

I think any web library should only offer scanned/digitalized versions of 
texts; page images are not really useful because they are not searchable. 
With some modifications and postprocessing, programs like FineReader can 
recognize Indian texts printed in Latin letters and 
German/English/French...- Sanskrit/Prakrit/... mixes found in secondary 
literature, so creating digital versions instead of images should not be a 
problem anymore.

Best, Oliver

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