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Christophe Vielle christophe.vielle at UCLOUVAIN.BE
Fri Feb 15 14:36:47 UTC 2008

Sorry for having not mentioned (or reminded) in the discussion the 
following three on-going projects of Indological digital libraries at (searchable but... sometime it is easier to 
find there a book through google than through their own search-tool)

Christophe Vielle

>Thank you very much, dear Peter Wyzlic, for this very useful list you made.
>Some additional notes:
>- for Wilson's Mackenzie Collection it is in fact possible to choose 
>between the two editions and various exemplars, cf.
>It could be interested to note these details
>- if we take the example of NALA AND DAMAYANTI AND OTHER POEMS 
>translated by Henry Hart Milman (which is not in the list):
>in this case, it has also been converted into an e-text through the 
>Project Gutenberg :
>and is also available in various formats through :
>Should these things be mentioned ?
>- what about such available .pdf  (which is not really a scanned 
>book, but a kind of second edition in electronic form of a 
>previously printed book) - do you list them?.
>Ananda Wood, Knowledge before printing and after: The Indian 
>Tradition in Changing Kerala
>- Of course, there is also the case of the pure (free) .pdf 
>periodicals such as the NGMCP Newsletter
>- do you list also the digital works readable but not downloadable 
>that can be found in various electronic library catalogues, such as
>the partial digital copy (vol. 1-6 + 12) of Hortus Malabaricus made 
>by the the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg  available at
>with best wishes,

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