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Peter Wyzlic pwyzlic at UNI-BONN.DE
Fri Feb 15 08:58:48 UTC 2008

Am 15.02.2008 um 09:27 schrieb Christophe Vielle:

> Dear Dominik,
> do you know if there is already, or somebody does plan, to  
> constitute a (evolutive) web-site repertoire of all the  
> downloadable Indological works (text-editions, studies in the form  
> of books or articles, scanned by/for Google or by other) in a  
> classified form, a bit like, and complementary to, GRETIL for the  
> electronic texts.
> With all my best wishes,
> Christophe

Since I didn't find such a thing, I began collecting items of  
indological relevance in digital repertories. I am putting results  
peu à peu into this list
It is, by nature, incomplete and growing.
And I know that such kind of static list is not the right thing.  
Technically it would be better to do this with a database and web  
access, providing search and export facilities.

Peter Wyzlic

Peter Wyzlic
pwyzlic at

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