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> Dominik Wujastyk wrote:
> And here are the 3 volumes of his original edition of Patanjali's
> Mahabhasya.
> < 

They have also some old and rare works in the field of Sanskrit  
philology, e.g.

Paulinus <a sancto Bartholomaeo> (1748-1806)
Vyacarana seu locupletissima samscrdamicae linguae institutio in usum  
Fidei Praeconum in India Orientali, et Virorum Litteratorum in Europa  
adornata / a P. Paulino a S. Bartholomaeo. - Romae : Typis S.  
Congreg. de Propag. Fide, 1804. - XXIV, 333 pp.
(scanned: 29. Aug. 2007, Library: Oxford University)

I have put nearly 800 works into Google's "add to my library"  
function (not all of them necessarily of indological importance): 
(most of them are available in more or less complete form, with the  
main restriction: works published before 1863)

> Yes, indeed. It would be interesting to know for which parts of the  
> world
> Google provides access to the harvest it brings home from the  
> libraries of
> the world, and which are cut off with snippet views and "No preview
> available" messages.

For all non-US citizens/residents they block generally access for  
publications after the publishing date 1863 (there are exceptions, of  
In 2007, the Bavarian State Library in Munich signed a contract with  
The official text says they want to scan only books free of  
copyright. I am curious to see if this means: American or German  
copyright laws.

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