Buddhacarita 1,1-7 and 25-40 authorship

Christophe Vielle christophe.vielle at UCLOUVAIN.BE
Tue Feb 12 08:46:02 UTC 2008

Thank you very much, dear Prof. Hahn,
for these datas, including the recent reference that I did not know 
(downloadable through the useful link given by Richard Mahoney).
So, if SN Chaudharii (1942) is the author of the rewriting of 1.1-7 
(adopting in that case all Johnston's conjectures) and 25-40 (which 
has to be confirmed since I have not the edition at hand), it is 
surprising that some time later (1962) Mahanta S'rii Raamchandra Daas 
S'astrii in his own "edition" states that he relies (for his 
reconstruction) on Johnston's English translation and in the same 
time proposes a different text for v. 1-7 and borrows from Chaudharii 
for v. 20-25.
All this is probably not very important, except to identify the 
original authorship of the conjectures.
With all my best wishes,
Christophe Vielle

>Dear Christophe Vielle,
>What I have at hand is:
>The Buddha Charita (Part I. Cantos. I-XIV)
>By Mahakavi As'va Ghos'a
>With Hindi Translation
>By Mahanta S'rii Raamchandra Daas S'astrii
>The Chowkhamba Vidya Bhawan
>Varanasi 1962
>(The Vidyabhawan Sanskrit Granthamala.82)
>Mahaakavi As'va Ghos.a's
>The Buddha-Charita
>(PartI I. Cantos XV-XXVIII))
>Reconstructed in Sanskrit Verses
>With Annotation in Hindi
>By Mahanta S'rii Raamchandra Daas S'aastrii
>The Chowkhamba Vidya Bhawan
>Varanasi 1963
>(The Vidyabhawan Sanskrit Granthamala.82)
>[My transcript of the title pages is diplomatic!!!]
>Stanzas I.1-7 are different from Irma Schotsman's text, stanzas I.25-40
>are identical! In the introduction to the above-mentioned two booklets
>it is expressly stated that they are based on Johnston's English
>translation, not on the Tibetan text. If necessary I can send you scans
>of the passages.
>Are you aware, that recently close parallels to (or rather corrupted
>versions of) three stanzas from canto 28 (28.64-66) have been identified
>in the Divyavadana by Kensuke Okamoto? Cf. Kensuke Okamoto, "Three
>Parallel Verses in Buddhacarita and the A"sokaavadaana," Journal of
>Indian and Buddhist Studies, Vol. 54, No. 3, March 2006, pp. 1187-1191.
>Best regards,
>Michael Hahn
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