Buddhacarita 1,1-7 and 25-40, bibliographical hints

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Dear Christophe Vielle,

What I have at hand is:

The Buddha Charita (Part I. Cantos. I-XIV)
By Mahakavi As'va Ghos'a
With Hindi Translation
By Mahanta S'rii Raamchandra Daas S'astrii
The Chowkhamba Vidya Bhawan
Varanasi 1962 
(The Vidyabhawan Sanskrit Granthamala.82)


Mahaakavi As'va Ghos.a's
The Buddha-Charita 
(PartI I. Cantos XV-XXVIII))
Reconstructed in Sanskrit Verses
With Annotation in Hindi
By Mahanta S'rii Raamchandra Daas S'aastrii
The Chowkhamba Vidya Bhawan
Varanasi 1963
(The Vidyabhawan Sanskrit Granthamala.82)

[My transcript of the title pages is diplomatic!!!]

Stanzas I.1-7 are different from Irma Schotsman's text, stanzas I.25-40
are identical! In the introduction to the above-mentioned two booklets
it is expressly stated that they are based on Johnston's English
translation, not on the Tibetan text. If necessary I can send you scans
of the passages.

Are you aware, that recently close parallels to (or rather corrupted
versions of) three stanzas from canto 28 (28.64-66) have been identified
in the Divyavadana by Kensuke Okamoto? Cf. Kensuke Okamoto, "Three
Parallel Verses in Buddhacarita and the A"sokaavadaana," Journal of
Indian and Buddhist Studies, Vol. 54, No. 3, March 2006, pp. 1187-1191.

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