First ANNOUNCMENT: Mexico's Upcoming Conference

Horacio Francisco Arganis Juarez h.arganisjuarez at YAHOO.COM.MX
Sun Feb 10 02:17:13 UTC 2008

    You are all cordially invited to the 2008 Saltillo, Mexico Congress. Once again the local State Government of Coahuila, Mexico, the Dept of Culture and Education and the Coahuila State Library system are sponsoring the event. They are specifically inviting the scholars  to attend and share your rich and dynamic culture with the people of Mexico.  The conferance has been organized in recognition of the  common cause between the people's of Mexico and India and is an answer to the intense public interest in India Culture amongst the people of Saltillo, Mexico. Prfra. Lady Zapata, the Director of the State of Coahuila Library, Saltillo Branch was very pleased with last year’s conferance. She looks forward to your participation in this upcoming event.  
  International Center for Cultural Studies,  Instituto Bhaktivedanta de Ciencias y Humanidades A. C.,  
  Invite Everyone to the 
  2nd International Symposium On Religious Studies, Globalization and the Cultures of Resistance 
  Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico 24-26 April 2007 
  1. The importance of the conservation of the Ancestral Cultures in the face of Globalization 
  2. The impact of religious missionaries and the extinction of Native cultures in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia 
  3. Methods for developing dialogue and understanding amongst the traditionalist, revisionists and secular scholars
  4. Revising the antiquity and origins of the Vedic-Puránic texts
  5. The phenomenon of cultural genocide in the pursuit and expansion of mercantile and corporate globalization
  6. The correct and incorrectness of Hindutva’s demands upon academia 
  7. Construction processes of national identities in countries with surviving ancestral cultures 
  8. The Cultures of Resistance: Activism or Fundamentalism
  9. The importance of dialogue and commitment to diversity amongst all religious groups.  
  10. Development of alternative and ethical strategies regarding conversion and prostelization. 
  Other proposals and papers are welcome. Please submit your abstracts to:
  h.arganisjuarez at
  The Papers must be submitted by 1st of April - 2008 In office word format, without Win zip, font Arial 12, with a maximum of 15 pages. 
  Fees: $20 US for official presenters, registered assistants $20 US This includes a Diploma presented by the State of Coahuila Dept of Culture and Education and conference proceedings. All papers will also be published in book format and will be available in July 2008.
  For lodgings and vegetarian dining: We recommend the various Hotels in front of the Bus station. Lodgings are approx $15.00 to $30. The nearby Radha-Govinda Temple serves daily vegetarian food at no cost. Donations are always welcome. 
  Upscale hotels are available as well. 
   Hotel Imperial: Reservations 01 800 557 2828 or International: 001 877 858 2115 
   e-mail imperial at, e-mail: mhujc at, 
  More information for Hotels see  
  Tourism information of  Saltillo city: 
  For flights and travel expenses 
  The city of Monterrey, Mexico is 50 miles from Saltillo and has very affordable flights to and from the USA, Latin America and Europe.
  Saltillo, Mexico is about 250 miles South of the Texas Border
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